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Benefits of Network Membership
Summary:   1.   Marketing & Promotion
2.   Networking
3.   Media + Community News Feeds
4.   The "Showcase" pages
5.   The "Shop Local" + "Made Local" pages
6.   Business & Government Resources (300)
7.   Education & Training Resources (826)
8.   ALL Your Team Members are Included
9.   We Want Your Feedback
10. Calendar Network
1. Marketing, Promotion & Networking
      - Share Your News & "Buzz!"
          - Showcase your Products & Services
          - Showcase your People
          - Publicize your Job Openings
          - Promote Special Offers
          - Publicize Volunteer Needs
          - Publicize Donation Requests
      - Increase your Branding
      - Network Online in a Business Environment
"Buzz" about your organization, your people and their accomplishments.   No need to hire an expensive P/R firm to share your news.
Just ask someone in your organization to "Buzz" -- post a headline and a message -- on a regular basis.
It's that simple.   Then our technology automatically displays your news . . .
  - in The Chamber & Business Network
  - in the Big City Buzz network.
  - in the "Showcase" pages of your Chamber of
    Commerce (if a "Showcase" partner).
2. Networking
      - Private Messaging System
      - Communicate directly with Members & Staff
The Network Message System provides a private platform for you to share ideas and transact business with other like-minded members, in addition to your staff.
3. Media + Community News Feeds
      - We tell the Media about you!
      - We tell the Community about you!
We will include your news in our "Media News Feed" which we regularly email to media editors (print, radio, TV, online) -- a great resource for their news stories.  No expensive P/R firm needed.
4. The "Showcase" pages
      - Special promotion of market segments.
Certain market segments receive extra-special exposure -- e.g. "Startup" Businesses, Accommodations, Restaurants & Nightlife, Performing Arts, Leisure Activities, Nonprofits, etc.
5. The "Shop Local" + "Made Local" pages
      - Encourage supporting the local economy.
      - People like to buy locally-made products.
If applicable, your products can be showcased in the "Shop Local" and "Made Local" pages for your town. Keep the money in the local economy!
6. Business Resources & Technology
      - 96 Articles
      - 47 Blogs
      - 120 Websites
      - 16 Federal Gov't Websites
      - 21 State Gov't Websites
We continually add fresh ideas, resources & technology we believe will be of interest to you and the key people in your organization.
7. Education & Training Resources
      - 25 Free Upcoming Live Webinars
      - 801 Free On Demand Webinars
All webinars are FREE to members and most are management level. (Presenters include ... SCORE, AMA, NFIB, SBA, Selling Power, Marketing Profs, 4Good, etc.)
8. ALL Your Team Members are Included
      - Share Resources with your Staff
      - Young Professionals Network
We encourage you to invite key personnel to participate and use our resources and technology.
9. We Want Your Feedback
      - Interactive Participation
      - Share your ideas & suggestions.
      - What issues are you facing?
We would love to share your great ideas with the rest of the membership.   We care about what is actually happening in your business.   Let's communicate and learn from each other.
10. Network
      - Membership included.
      - Add Your Events.
Where applicable, you will be displayed FREE in this integrated network of Community Calendars & City Guides for our Media and Hospitality partners.
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